Is humanity heading to a cyberpunk future.

What would a cyberpunk future look like?

In the Cyberpunk atmosphere you can imagine a world dominated by global corporations that rule over all aspects of human life through technologies that are essential to human life on the planet. Mega cities that more resemble huge factories (see Blade Runner) dominate the landscape and the natural world has long been neglected. Human values are at a all-time low for people are only regarded as means to some selfish end.
This dystopian glance of the future is of course derived from science fiction but nevertheless one can not put aside the possibilities that a future remotely like this can come to fruition.
Fantasy is the impossible made probable. Science Fiction is the improbable made possible.Rod Serling
On this article I intend to divulge my personal opinion on why I think humanity is on a crossroads were one way leads to a cyberpunk like future.
It’s not my intention to become a doomsday promoter, not at all. I’m just exposing an hypothetical view of the future.
Just as a note I will generalize a lot since this article is to serve as a thought provoking assertion. So I will not dive into factual details but carve a generalized idea for your consideration.
Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to comment.

Corporate cringe and the cult of self.

Corporations have so much become part of human culture as they have of public affairs.
The global corporation operates beyond the law of any given country. It has evaded taxes and public obligations in some cases. It has a vast amount of financial resources and government lobbing agents. It has a different legal status so only it’s “collective self” can be liable and not it’s CEO’s. All corporations are in the profit making business.
Did you think I was describing a doom and gloom far away evil future corporation?… well think again… What I have previously described is actually modus operandi of big business nowadays!
How can this be you ask? The most obvious reason is that big business or better yet big brands have subverted peoples opinions of them. They have merged into human culture, making part of defining values that are held by humanity. Because of this some altruistic views had to be shattered and a cult of self instated. Common human values are now directed towards materialistic and selfish behavior — a cult of self — that benefit corporate greed.
But it has gone beyond this. There is a kind of corporate cringe taking place where companies are viewed as necessary, “too big to fail” super entities looking after your personal interest. — At least that´s what they say in the tv commercials… — But the truth will always be that corporations are ALL in the business of making money. In summary people are drawn to favor these megalithic corporations and give them further power over their lives.
I have mentioned that these corporations have vast amounts of capital so what would happen is these resources become almost unlimited?

We are in a crossroads.

Corporate influence grows unchallenged and is at the same time viewed as a everlasting beneficiary force. Economical stability is dependent on these giant corporations as they provide the framework for normal societal interrelations. Yet again this is not a vision of cyberpunk future you might be wondering… Yes, this is our times! But somehow there is a feeling that higher values are still in control and in my personal opinion they are. As powerful as big business is at the current zeitgeist “we the people” still have the ultimate say on the matter.
However the emergent future with it´s emerging technologies can have the potential to free humanity or entrap it. Where there will come a boom of technologies aimed at freeing humans from routine labor and letting them pursue their dreams amounting to an ever more enlightened society. Or where technologies will be used in a planned obsolescence fashion and used to keep people dependent on them — corporate take over of first necessitiesas corporations keep their steady profit growth ignoring anything else . Or maybe somewhere in the middle of these two… We are soon to see which road humanity will take.
Now, just as a side note… Mr. Elon Musk came out with is cyber truck and I don’t really know what was his underlying message when he did it but it sure left me thinking… And don’t you forget about neuralink that are a set of human enhancing technologies. There are also enormous advancements on artificial intelligence and robotics taking place. One can only imagine the societal implications of such technologies be them rightly or wrongly used.

Space is the new gold rush.

There is one big milestone that came to be on 2020. I’m talking of course about the privatization of space flight. Now there are a few laws that where put in place back in the first space race to keep space free from greedy exploration or exploitation but… that seems not to be the case. Let us follow the money shall we! Well turns out that space is full of rare natural resources that can be used to make products here on earth. Here is why the sudden interest from a couple of great powers to revisit the moon and some comets.
OK, so here is the thing. What happens when a corporation gains access to these resources? How much financial power will they have then? Remember at the moment there is only one company that runs this show. And you might be saying: “But there are governments involved in this endeavor…” well yes, but governments are being to some extent manipulated by lobbing and they are subject to periodic change and they don´t have to know how to do the real work and so they are more dependent on corporations.
With this new source of virtually unlimited resources what will corporations do? They can certainly free human kind to a new bright more humane future or they can just buy a country and turn it into some mega factory — all in the name of progress of course. — So you see there can be an open road to a cyberpunk future along these lines.

Winning the monopoly game.

Did you notice that a earth sized monopoly game is being played. Yes, and the top 1% are the players. Mr. J. P Morgan (the monopoly guy) is just laughing in our faces. And how do you win the game? That’s right you buy up everything. If you think this is not the case then you must be living in a parallel universe where Jesus lived on and there are no wars or homeless or private health care! Oops went to far there…
Really… society in this regard is more than pointing to a dystopian future. Everyone is looking to win the game and to live the life of the 1%. The problem is if you are on that 99% you start of with virtually no money! Sure there are those stories of those that make it but come on… the reality is that you have a really, REALLY small chance.
There would be other ways where people could live rich and fulfilling lives if we just tweaked the monopoly rules to be more just for everyone. Anyways at the end it all goes back in the box. Right?
Just one more thing and going a bit of … One should realize that no one really owns anything — that’s right we will all die! Sorry… — You may accumulate all the wealth in the world but history will remember those who made the sacrifice, those who renounced self and realized that good brings about good.

Disrupting nature and becoming more dependent on tech’s and corporations.

Nature is our lifeline and we are killing it! Humans have disturbed all of the planet earth natural processes and all kinds of problems are now emerging. Sadly the corporate world sees business opportunities in all things specially in problems like these regardless if they increase the severity of the problems. Take for example Global warming. Health care problems are also being exploited and there perpetuity is vital for some industries.
The truth is that problems are profitable… And this is a very serious problem that needs to be addressed by the government but that in most cases isn’t. Why? Again, private interference in public affairs.
In a cyberpunk future individuals are in desperate need of technologies for their continuity as members of the society. At this point corporations own the artificial lifeline created by man’s own neglect of nature and this is the ultimate business model — the drug dealer drug addict business model — that’s right, corporations now own the basic necessities that can only be achieved by means of some technology. And this means goodbye nature with all it´s natural wonders and hello to cyber city with trash floating around everywhere and holograms telling you your life sucks because you don´t have the new PlayStation 69… The high tech low life vision of a cyberpunk future.
Is then the current state of things heading this way? I sincerely think is too early to say. History has shown that it is in our darkest hours that we take the step to liberation nevertheless this is when we as a collective are aware of the problem at hand. But what if we are not and we are being told that the devil is the Savior.
Global warming was thought to be a hoax for a long time, played down by the very corporations that are causing it. So was smoking as a health issue.
So you see there is a long arduous work to do if we wish to follow the right road to brighter future.

The Corporate iron grip.

This is it! Cyberpunk turned to reality. The new gods are the 1% , they rule all aspects of society and governance. People are living in an artificial world dependent on high end technologies to complex to even try to grasp. Because of this “the haves” live long abnormal lives with super human capabilities and “the have not’s” live a degrading subhuman life.
Is humanity lost in this reality? Hard to say. The human species might be indistinguishable from it’s original form and be a multi planetary species, it may even have merged with machine. For me it comes down to this; once humans forever lose their human values and moral judgement then it’s probably over because at that stage love, joy, benevolence and so on are no longer truly understood and there might only exist machines running around playing some bizarre extrapolation of the monopoly game.


It seems to me that we do need to keep things balanced. We all know were extremes lead to. I’m not promoting any particular political view but it’s imperative that democratic processes be always preserved without interference from the external lucrative interests.
Also I think education is the key. Ignorance will always lead to enslavement from the ones with the most power.
Human values and morality are something to be preserved as well and people must regain the understanding that all systems on earth are interrelated and connected and must be protected at all costs.
Once people see as a fact that all corporations are in the money making business then they will start to treat them in other terms. Corporations will then need to be more mindful of their negative impacts and moderate their actions in a more sustainable and respectful manner.
Private interference in public affairs like lobbing should be stopped.
Healthcare and education should be made free for everyone. With these steps we would most certainly keep those cyber punks out of the picture.

Hope you have enjoyed. If you liked leave a comment bellow.



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